The Body Shop Gym in Gilbert AZ

personal trainers in gilbert arizona

In 2015, The Body Shop Gilbert co-founders Erik Young and Tommy Jeffree were running an online nutritional consulting business. The internet-based business was a reflection of their philosophies in health and fitness. The partners emphasized sustainability and balance, metabolic health, and macro-based nutrition.

The business and its’ culture were successful, and in early 2016, the partners set out to establish a physical facility that based on the same principles. Thus, The Body Shop Gilbert was born.

The trainers and coaches at The Body Shop Gilbert offer top-notch private, personal-training in a clean and welcoming atmosphere. Our success stories can attest to our belief that the best “diet” is actually a lifestyle, and that deprivation and restriction ultimately always fail. We teach clients that they can eat what they love responsibly and continue to make progress toward their goals!